Oil Portraits
Please send your favorite photograph (or a few for me to select from) as a jpeg attachment with an email. I will review and get back to you as to whether I think it will make the basis of a great portrait. Be aware that while I base my work on photographs, the final piece will not be an exact replica. I will simplify and crop in order to bring out the essence of the subject in an artistically balanced and aesthetically pleasing work of art.

If you are fond of any particular colors (or hate any) please let me know. Also if you have a photograph of the room where it might hang, it doesn’t hurt to send me a shot.

Sizes and prices will be established once I've had a look at the photographs and discussed level of detail, background,etc.
In general I like to work in a few unframed canvas sizes:
portraits: 20"x24”, 24” x 30” or comparable square: starting at $4,000
30"x40" (horse portrait size) /30”x36”- $5,000 36"x48" - $6,000
full figure: 72" x48" – starting at $8,000
Please let me know what size or price range you are interested in along with your photo(s) and I will do my best to accommodate it. Certain images may inspire me to different sizes. If you are interested in a portrait of more than one subject, prices will increase by 20% per person/animal. If you don't have a photo of both subjects in one shot, we might look at doing separate paintings of each to be hung as a diptych to keep the integrity of the piece (due to different lighting, etc.) If there is a particular piece on my website that you would like "reproduced" or customized for your taste, I'd be happy to paint that as well. Please feel free to browse my website and pick out preferences and elements that appeal to you. I will email you a cropped composition photo or a rough sketch for your approval before we proceed. Once your 50% deposit has been received, your commissioned painting will be finished in 3-6 weeks depending upon my schedule. If you have a special deadline, I will do my best to accommodate it. A 20% rush charge may be incurred in only the most immediate circumstances. Shipping and packing costs will be added at cost to your final bill. Final payment due before or on delivery. I truly enjoy the cooperative process of creating pieces that have personal meaning for you while incorporating my own personal style.